How to use whatis and xargs linux commands

Have you ever wanted to know what the commands various commands in linux do?  Such as the commands in: /bin /sbin /usr/bin Move to the bin directory of your choice and follow the example below: cd /bin ls | xargs whatis | less You will get an output of the command and a summary of it’s […]

The netcat linux command

One of the neatest tools that I’ve found is the program netcat. It is a way to pipe data over the network simply and easily. You don’t need a fancy protocol like CIFS, just stream the data over the LAN. Netcat is a “full duplex” connection, meaning it both sends and receives using the connection. […]

Parsing YouTube V3 JSON with PHP Example

In this article we’re going over an example of how to parse the JSON output from the YouTube V3 API using PHP. First you’ll need to login to the Google Developers Console and obtain your API key to use when making queries to the YouTube API. The following code will execute your query to YouTube […]

Downloading knoppix with metalinks

Lots of linux distros and other popular packages have created metalinks for the distribution of their software in a way that failover and redundancy and being able to download files from multiple mirros is supported via simple xml file. You can take a look at all the distros and packages using metalink at this website There is a […]

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