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Using a custom php.ini when using FAST CGI (fcgi) in Cpanel WHM

When using FastCGI (FCGI) as the loader for PHP, traditional php_values in the .htaccess file as well as custom php.ini files in the public_html directory no longer work. Instead we must create a wrapper for the main FCGI binary that causes the php.ini to be loaded from it’s current working directory instead of the server-wide one. […]

Linux Recursive GREP search excluding directories example

This command will search for text inside files in a directory while excluding some directories you do not want to search in. This is helpful when a search is going slow due to a directory that might contain thousands of files that you are not interested in searching through, such as an images or cache directory. grep -r […]

How to use whatis and xargs linux commands

Have you ever wanted to know what the commands various commands in linux do?  Such as the commands in: /bin /sbin /usr/bin Move to the bin directory of your choice and follow the example below: cd /bin ls | xargs whatis | less You will get an output of the command and a summary of it’s […]

The netcat linux command

One of the neatest tools that I’ve found is the program netcat. It is a way to pipe data over the network simply and easily. You don’t need a fancy protocol like CIFS, just stream the data over the LAN. Netcat is a “full duplex” connection, meaning it both sends and receives using the connection. […]

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