Parsing YouTube V3 JSON with PHP Example

In this article we’re going over an example of how to parse the JSON output from the YouTube V3 API using PHP.

First you’ll need to login to the Google Developers Console and obtain your API key to use when making queries to the YouTube API.

The following code will execute your query to YouTube and display the title of the video along with a thumbnail and description.


$apikey = “YOURKEY”;
$per_page = 6;
$search = “your search term”;
$category = “2”; //autos

$query = “$search&maxResults=$per_page&videoCategoryId=$category&safesearch=strict&key=$apikey”;

$json_file3 = file_get_contents(“$query”);

$jfo3 = json_decode($json_file3,true);

foreach($jfo3[‘items’] as $val) {

$title = $val[‘snippet’][‘title’];
$description = $val[‘snippet’][‘description’];
$id = $val[‘id’][‘videoId’];
$thumbnail_url = $val[‘snippet’][‘thumbnails’][‘default’][‘url’];

echo <<<EOF

<p><img width = “250” src = “$thumbnail_url” align = “right”></a>
<a href =”video-viewer.php?v=$id”>$title<BR>
$description</p><br clear=”all”><HR>




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