Type K Thermocouple Temperature Sensor 2"Pipe Clamp 3' Cord Wide Range 350F HVAC For Sale

Type K Thermocouple Temperature Sensor 2

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Type K Thermocouple Temperature Sensor 2"Pipe Clamp 3' Cord Wide Range 350F HVAC:

Save at: https://viot.us/HVACType K Thermocouple with a Big Pipe Clamp 2"Jaw Opening 3ft retractable Cable Wire Cord Wide Temperature Range -50 to 350F HVAC Meter Multimeter Instrument Part Temperature SensorType K Thermocouple on A Big Pipe Clamp, Opening to 2 Inches, Wide Work Temperature Range from -40 to 350°F; Model CT9

This is a type K thermocouple with a big pipe Clamp for HVAC Jobs, with 3 feet insulated cable on a mini flat pin plug. The jaw open size is upto 2 inches. This sensor probe is specially designed for HVAC folks to take temperature on pipes or cylindrical surface. This probe cab be used with any equipment that takes type K thermocouple input, like multimeters/clamp meter or lab instruments, to measure temperatures. HVAC service men use this to measure subcooling and super-heat on the refrigerant lines. Its easier to get one for each line, just switch at the plug to save Open Size: 1/4" to 2" pipe diameter (outside diameter)

  • Accuracy: +/-3°F; +/-1°F (0.5° C) after field calibration, 32 to 180°F (0 to 82°C)
  • Temperature range: -50 to 350°F (-46 to 177°C)
  • Thermocouple conductors: K-type nickel chromium/nickel aluminum.
  • Probe insulation and clamp material: Calibration and atmosphere will affect maximum useful temperature in applications. The wire insulation and clamp material are designed to withstand a maximum continuous use at 350°F (177°C).
  • Plug: K-type thermocouple male mini plug.
  • Typical stabilization time: less than 30 seconds, FAST!


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