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TOA Speaker Impedance Meter

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TOA Speaker Impedance Meter:

The ZM-104 from TOA Electronics is a portable impedance meter that can measure the impedance of speaker lines up to 100 k ohms. It has an adjustable zero for accuracy on all ranges. It runs on four "AA" batteries and has an easy-to-read meter that calibrates directly in ohms. It includes a carrying case, test leads, and impedance-to-power reference chart.

If you are replacing an amplifier or modifying a system you did not install, one of the most important things to know is what the load on the amplifier is. Too low an impedance means more power may be required from an amplifier than it is designed to safely handle.

The ZM-104A is the perfect tool for this job, and will easily give accurate readings letting you know if any required changes are needed in your existing system.

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