New 630v Film Capacitors for Tube Radio Repair .022 .01 .047 .1 .25 .033 .05 For Sale

New 630v Film Capacitors for Tube Radio Repair .022 .01 .047 .1 .25 .033 .05

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New 630v Film Capacitors for Tube Radio Repair .022 .01 .047 .1 .25 .033 .05:

This is a multi-variation listing for new Supertech yellow film capacitors. These are brand new axial non-polar film capacitors, and are all rated at 630v DC. I have various values available, in any quantity you want. These caps will work great for you, whether in an old radio, a tube amplifier, a guitar, or whatever else you want to put them in. I use these when rebuilding old tube radios and other tube gear, and put them in some vintage solid-state receivers as well.
These are all brand new caps, made in 2022 and 2023 by Supertech in Taiwan. They are MPT (metallized polypropylene film) capacitors, which are much higher-quality than the everyday MET yellow film capacitors. These are self-healing capacitors, rated from -40°C to 105°C. They are rated at 10% but generally test within 5-6% accuracy. These are all matching, with the yellow body and dark green ends, so they will look nice and uniform for you. I had these custom-made for me, and they are fabulous! I ordered a huge quantity of capacitors in order to offer them at the lowest prices, and had some special values custom-made as well.
The three smallest values (100 pf, 200 pf, 500 pf) are made from regular polypropylene film and are all yellow, including the ends.
Most of these are marked with the standard 3-digit capacitance code, like 472K or 503K or similar. The letter "K" indicates that these are rated for 10% accuracy, though they'll generally test within 5-6%, often much closer. With the 3-digit code, ignoring the last letter, the third digit is how many zeros to add to the end of the first two digits, and the number you get from that is the capacitance in pF (pico-farads). So a "472K" capacitor means it's 4700 pf, or .0047 uf, since to change picofarads (pf) into the standard uf (microfarads) you just divide by one million (1,000,000).
US shipping and handling is $5, and international is $18, no matter how many you buy. Use the "add to cart" feature if you want to buy a bunch of different ones, then you can check out once and pay for everything at one time. If you have any questions, please ask. Other similar Supertech parts I have available are:
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