New 450v Axial Capacitor 8 10 16 22 33 40 47 100 200 uf Tube Amp Radio Repair For Sale

New 450v Axial Capacitor 8 10 16 22 33 40 47 100 200 uf Tube Amp Radio Repair

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New 450v Axial Capacitor 8 10 16 22 33 40 47 100 200 uf Tube Amp Radio Repair:

Up for sale here is this new Supertech axial electrolytic capacitor. This is a brand new axial polar electrolytic capacitor, and is rated at 450v DC. I have various values available, in any quantity you want. These capswill work great for you, whether in an old radio, a tube amplifier, a guitar amp, or whatever else you want to put them in. I use these when rebuilding old tube radios and other tube gear, and put them in some vintage solid-state receivers as well.
These are all brand new caps, made in August 2021 and April 2022 by Supertech in Taiwan. They are rated for 105°C and are gorgeous black and gold capacitors. I had these custom-made for me, and they are fabulous!I ordered a huge quantity of capacitors in order to offer them at the lowest prices.
Capacitor body lengths:
4.7 uf 0.83" long8 uf 0.83" long10 uf 1" long16 uf 1.0625" long22 uf1.0625" long33 uf 1.25" long40 uf 1.25" long47 uf 1.375" long68 uf 1.42" long82 uf1.625" long100 uf 1.625" long150 uf 1.75" long200 uf 1.75" longUS shipping and handling is $4, and international is $16, no matter how many you buy. Use the "add to cart" feature if you want to buy a bunch of different ones, then you can check out once and pay for everything at one time.If you have any questions, please ask.
Looking for more parts? I have power switches, feet, pushbuttons,top case screws, bottom screws, faceplate screws, white LED fuse lamps, blue LED fuse lamps, 6.3v bi-pin bulbs, 8v bi-pin bulbs, 12v bi-pin bulbs, wired 8v 60ma bulbs, new power cords, new main capacitors for the Marantz 1060/2230, wired Pioneer speaker plug replacements, new 630v yellow film capacitors at 13 different values, a large variety of transistors for vintage stereo repair, and more. Just use "add to cart" on everything you want and then check out for combined shipping.

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