Labomed TCM 400 Inverted Research Microscope For Sale

Labomed TCM 400 Inverted Research Microscope

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Labomed TCM 400 Inverted Research Microscope:


Compact research microscope with long working distance objectives and infinity corrected optics to ensure crisp images with high contrast and image fidelity, making it ideal for cell culture and in vitro fertilization studies.

  • Eyepieces:10X/22mm focusable eyepieces with dual diopter adjustments, foldable rubber eye guards, antifungal coating
  • Objectives:infinity LWD phase-plan achromatic 4X (0.1 N.A./16mm working distance [WD]), 10X (0.25 N.A/WD 10mm), 20X (0.4 N.A./ WD 0.62mm), optional 40X (0.6 N.A./ 2.6mm WD), all with antifungal coating, enable viewing of an assortment of specimens with highest degree of clarity
  • Optical system:infinity corrected optical system, antifungal coatingNosepiece:quadruple reverse angle nosepiece (Ball bearing type) with rubber grip
  • Stage:160 x 240mm fixed-plain stage; optional mechanical stage with 120 x 80mm travel, right-hand low-drive mechanism
  • Condenser:long working distance 0.30 NA condenser, suitable for phase/bright field imaging, equipped with phase slider
  • Stand:single-mold, rust-resistant stand with ergonomic hand rests that provide comfort and stability

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