Johnson Controls MS-ZFR1811-0 New in box For Sale

Johnson Controls MS-ZFR1811-0 New in box

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Johnson Controls MS-ZFR1811-0 New in box :

Johnson Controls MS-ZFR1811-0 New in boxField Equipment Advanced Application Controllers(FACs), Field Equipment Controllers (FECs), Input/Output Modules (IOMs), and Variable Air VolumeModular Assembly (VMA) Series field controllers.The ZFR1811 Router provides a wireless interfacebetween:• a field controller and the supervisory controller (bymeans of a ZFR1810 Coordinator)• a field controller and associated WRZ SeriesWireless Room SensorsAdditionally, the ZFR1811 Wireless Field Bus Routercan be used as a repeater in WRZ-7860-0 One-to-OneWireless Room Temperature Sensing System. Formore information, refer to the WRZ Series One-to-OneWireless Room Sensing System Technical Bulletin(LIT-12011641).Up to nine WRZ Series Sensors can be associatedwith a single field controller. In multi-sensorapplications, the ZFR1811 Router passes all thesensor data to an FAC, FEC, IOM, or VMA controller,which can be configured to either average the sensors’input or select the highest or lowest sensed conditionfor control of the target zone.A ZFR1811 Router is powered directly from theconnected field controller’s 15 VDC output.The Router can also be powered by the power supplyin the Repeater Accessory Kit to serve as astand-alone repeater, extending the range of thecommunications within the wireless mesh network.Refer to the ZFR1800 Series Wireless Field BusSystem Technical Bulletin (LIT-12011295) or theZFR1800 Series Wireless Field Bus System QuickReference Guide (LIT-12011630) for information oncommissioning and configuring a ZFR1800 SeriesWireless Field Bus System for operation.

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