Johnson Controls JCI Mobile Access Portal MAP Gateway TL-MAP1810-0P - NEW For Sale

Johnson Controls JCI Mobile Access Portal MAP Gateway TL-MAP1810-0P - NEW

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Johnson Controls JCI Mobile Access Portal MAP Gateway TL-MAP1810-0P - NEW:

Johnson Controls JCI Mobile Access Portal MAP Gateway Tool TL-MAP1810-0P - NEW
Includes MAP Gateway, Instructions, Configuration Instruction Flyer, RJ-12 Cable, Protective Case, and Lanyard. NEW IN UNOPENED BOX. Pictures shown in this listing are of a previously-opened unit, used here for illustrative purposes to show MAP tool and contents. Will ship within 5-7 business days upon receipt and clearance of payment.


The Mobile Access Portal (MAP) Gateway is a pocket-sized web server that provides a wireless mobile user interface toMetasys®Field Controllers, FX Field Controllers, CH Field Controllers, TEC3000 Series Thermostats, and Smart Equipment Rooftop Units (RTUs). The mobile user interface can be displayed in the browser of a phone, tablet, or computer.

The MAP Gateway ships from the factory with a base set of features that allow users to access, view, edit, and override key information from all devices connected on a common BACnet Token Passing (TP) field bus. The wireless connection on the MAP Gateway allows users to be up to 31m (100 ft line of sight) away indoors and up to 91 m (300 ft line of sight) away outdoors. The MAP Gateway can also be permanently mounted, powered with an optional separate power supply and connected to an Ethernet access point for use as remote connection to a TP field bus of devices.

MAP Gateways ship from the factory with version 5.0x firmware, MAP Gateway units already in the field with version 3.0x firmware or later can be upgraded to Release 5.0 to provide a complete set of Commissioning and Wiring Validation functions targeted for use by electricians, commissioning contractors, and technicians. The Release 5.0 upgrade can be acquired from Johnson Controls internal portal pages or Authorized Building Controls System (ABCS) Contractor portal pages. These updates are complemented by a set of targeted videos that are available using the following link style="font-size:15px;">The MAP Gatewaycannotbe used on Smoke Control systems or atMetasysfor Validated Environment (MVE) sites.

In addition, a stationary version of the MAP Gateway is available that can be permanently mounted and plugged into the SA bus or FC bus of a field controller.

The MAP Gateway user interface is accessed either over Wi-Fi or an existing Ethernet network on site.


Standard Hardware Functionality from the Factory

  • Secure Wi-Fi Connectivity to Multiple Platforms—The MAP Gateway communicates securely using WiFi to smart phones, tablets or personal computers. The browser-based user interfaces automatically conforms to the size constraints of the connected platform

  • Carry with You or Leave on Site—The MAP Gateway can be used as a basic, portable commissioning tool to view, adjust, or override the key points on the supported field controllers connected on an MS/TP network. When permanently mounted and connected to an MS/TP network, the MAP provides a secure local display option for the connected devices.

  • Access to Advanced Application Field Controller Schedules, Alarms and Trends—The MAP Gateway allows you to view alarms, events, and trends, and modify the schedules created for an advanced application controller.

  • Permanent Audit Log—Allows you to export and view a log file to review all user logins, transactions, and to log any events generated from the connected controllers.

    Standard Release 5.0 Functionality from the Factory

Advanced Commissioning and Validation Framework—A new framework for technicians, installers and balancers to setup and organize their tasks for each MS/TP network.

Tailored Summaries—You can easily add attribute templates into your MAP Gateway to provide multi-point views for each device. While in this view, you can sort values and mass override points on multiple controllers.

Device Checkout—This view allows an installer or technician to verify the point wiring for each controller in an organized manner, and provide a report that captures their verification steps.

Live Trend—You can select up to 4 points on a controller and are presented with a live trend graph. During the trending session, you are allowed to command a set point, or override an output, to verify that control processes or end devices are functioning properly.

VAV Box Air Balancing—A balancing contractor can quickly perform their tasks on any single duct, dual duct, or supply exhaust VAV Box configuration. A dual point balancing option is also available for use on critical space.

Reporting Options—At the completion of a commissioning and validation session, all the steps performed can be captured and saved in the report that is organized by the framework setup at the beginning of the session.

BACnet Router Setup for ToolConnections—The BACnet Router setup has been updated to allow the MAP Gateway to easily connect to the Field Controller and System Tools through a WIFI connection to perform file transfers and commissioning functions.

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