Coulter Electronics Polarization Kit for Epics XL-MCL Cytometer, Beamsplitter For Sale

Coulter Electronics Polarization Kit for Epics XL-MCL Cytometer, Beamsplitter

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Coulter Electronics Polarization Kit for Epics XL-MCL Cytometer, Beamsplitter:

For sale- a Coulter Electronics polarization kit for their Epics XL-MCL Flow Cytometer. I have a couple of other listings of accessories for the Epics piece which I am not at all certain I have correctly identified. This one had a letter in it from Coulter to their end user telling them to replace the beamsplitter with the one they were sending in the polarization kit, so I am a little more confidant that the title here is accurate. Includes both the beamsplitter, part number 3814018, and the two polarization filters, which look like they have never been used. Plus the lens holder as pictured, I guess that's what it is although I don't see how it could hold any of the three filters in the same kit. Being offered separately I have a filter set, maybe some of those might fit into it.

Untested, sold as is, and NO warranty is offered. However, IF you pay the asking price and find it has a problem you cannot live with within 14 days of receipt you may return it. Returns are ONLY allowed on Buy It Now Purchases. Accepted Best Offers are strictly an as is sale, no returns allowed. Return would be for a refund of the purchase price, not including shipping costs.

Just so that we are clear on that, this is an item that has not been thoroughly tested. As such it may work fine or it may have problems, so any purchase entails a certain degree of risk. If you Buy It Now your risk is limited to the shipping costs both ways. If you submit an offer you do so knowing that you cannot return it. In either case it is up to you to decide whether the risk level is acceptable to you, and if not you need to pass on this particular item.

Please check out my other listings for more interesting lab equipment, including the filter set and a different filter holder for the Epics XL. Check back often!

Sold as is, as described, as pictured. Potential buyers are asked to please make sure you have read the listing carefully, and understand what you are buying. ’s condition codes for used items, which I am now required to select from, might imply a degree of functionality that my limited time, knowledge, and facilities do not allow me to ascertain. If the functional condition of the item is known it will be stated as such in the listing. Unless a warranty is specifically offered returns are not accepted regardless of any implied functionality.

Payment is expected within 7 days of the close of the sale and I need to hear from you within 3 days to confirm the transaction. Please add $13.99 for shipping anywhere in the continental US. International shipments, plus Alaska and Hawaii for actual shipping costs plus $5. Box 42.

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