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Ceramic Capacitor Assorted Kit Assortment Set 700pcs/ 500pcs/300pcs for Sale - Leenooks

Ceramic Capacitor Assorted Kit Assortment Set 700pcs/ 500pcs/300pcs For Sale

Ceramic Capacitor Assorted Kit Assortment Set 700pcs/ 500pcs/300pcs

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Ceramic Capacitor Assorted Kit Assortment Set 700pcs/ 500pcs/300pcs:


  • Brand new

  • Nominal capacitance: 8pF~2.2uF

  • Capacitance tolerance: NPO +/-5%, X7R +/-10%, Y5V +-20%

  • Temperature coefficient: -55 to+125℃

  • With standing voltage: 2.5X WVDC

  • Value: 35 values


  • Convenient and practical.

  • Easy to install.

  • Durable in use.

  • Popular among the electronic lovers.

700pcs 35 values (8pF~2.2uF) DIP Multilayer ceramic capacitors Assortment kit Capacitance Accuracy Voltage Pin pitch Quantity 8RO 8PF ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 22PF 220 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 30PF 300 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 33PF 330 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 82PF 820 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 100PF 101 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 220PF 221 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 330PF 331 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 470PF 471 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 680PF 681 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 820PF 821 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 1nF 102 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 1.8nF 182 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 2.2nF 222 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 3.3nF 332 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 4.7nF 472 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 5.6nF 562 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 6.8nF 682 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 8.2nF 822 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 10nF 103 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 15nF 153 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 18nF 183 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 22nF 223 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 33nF 333 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 47nF 473 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 56nF 563 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 68nF 683 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 82nF 823 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 100nF 104 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 220nF 224 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 330nF 334 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 470nF 474 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 680nF 684 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 1uF 105 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs 2.2uF 225 ±5% 50V 5.08mm 20pcs

Package included:

  • 700pcs x ceramic capacitors (each value 20pcs)

  • Note: Without box


100% brand new
Ceramic capacitors: 0.1uF~10uF (104~106)
Total Quantity: 1 box, 10 values, each value 50pcs
10 values x 50pcs (104-106) Ceramic Capacitor Kit
0.1uF (104) 50V
0.15uF (154) 50V
0.22uF (224) 50V
0.33uF (334) 50V
0.47uF (474) 50V
0.68uF (684) 50V
1uF (105) 50V
2.2uF (225) 50V
4.7uF (475) 50V
10uF (106) 50V
Package includes:
500pcs x ceramic capacitor (packed with box)



  • Item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated same.

  • Brand new

  • Color: as picture shows

  • Structure: fixed capacitors

  • Capacitor Length: approx. 5mm/0.19''

  • Capacitor Range: 10pf~100nf

  • Capacitor Tolerance: ±10%.

  • Working Voltage: 50V

  • Quantity: 300pcs (10 valves, 30pcs in each type)

  • Durable and easy to install

  • Very convenient and practical

  • High precision and stability

  • Very popular among the electronic lovers

  • Many type of ceramic capacitors, can meet your different demand

300pcs 10 Values 50V 10pF-100nF Ceramic Capacitor Assortment Kit











Package included:

  • 300pcs x ceramic capacitor (packed with box)


  • Please allow 1-2mm errors due to manual measurement

  • Item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated same

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