AutomationDirect D2-250-1 CPU Module Version 4.90 DL205 PLC Series 14.8K words. For Sale

AutomationDirect D2-250-1 CPU Module Version 4.90 DL205 PLC Series 14.8K words.

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AutomationDirect D2-250-1 CPU Module Version 4.90 DL205 PLC Series 14.8K words.:

You are purchasing a used, clean, TESTED, and in working condition AutomationDirect D2-250-1 CPU Module that is used in a DirectLogic DL205 PLC base along with DL205 I/O modules.

See photos for the D2-250-1 CPU specifications document.

The firmware of the D2-250-1 CPU is version 4.90, which at the time of this posting, is the most up to date version. After testing, the CPU’s memory and all registers have been cleared and the scratch pad memory initialized, making the unit ready for end user programming.

The photos and test subject in the photo may not be the exact unit that you receive. The unit shipped will be in like new condition with little or no scratches, or cosmetic flaws.The unit will be placed in a factory D2-260 style CPU box if available, or some other protective means. The packaged unit will be placed in a larger box for shipping. Free shipping is included.

The D2-250-1 CPU has an on board super capacitor that will retain retentive RAM memory for a short period of time with power removed. An optional lithium battery, p/n D2-BAT-1, can be purchased from that has a typical CPU battery life of 5 years.

DirectSOFT Version 6 programming software can be downloaded from the vendor’s website at for free, installed on a proper PC, and used without an activation ‘key code’, which allows a ladder program up to 100 words of memory. The full version of the software can be purchased later and activated as the user advances.

Hint: Use communications port 1 for programming. Programming cables are available here on . Search for ‘Automation Direct Programming Cable’. Look for part number D2-DSCBL if your PC has a built-in RS-232 port, or part number EA-MG-PGM-CBL when using a USB port on your PC. You can also order these same cables through Be careful of programming cables that go directly from USB to the RJ12 style phone plug, these most likely do not have the proper interface and could damage both your PC and the CPU (PLC).

The seller accepts 30 day returns, as long as the unit is returned with no physical or electrical damage.

The seller accepts no responsibility for the correct application or installation of this item. It is the buyer’s responsibility for the proper installation and use of this item. The seller is not liable for improper installation or use!

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