Atlas LCR45 LCR meter with LCR impedance measurement For Sale

Atlas LCR45 LCR meter with LCR impedance measurement

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Atlas LCR45 LCR meter with LCR impedance measurement:

LCR45 - LCR Component Meter withComponent Impedance Measurement

The new LCR45 does everything the popular LCR40 does, butwe've added some significant enhancements. The LCR45 features new high-capacitymicro and high-resolution ADCs.

  • Fluid measurements of L, C, and R (continuous readings with selectable hold function).
  • Fine resolution for improved performance at low inductance/capacitance/resistance.
  • Auto and Manual component type.
  • Auto and Manual test frequency.
  • Frequencies: DC, 1kHz, 15kHz and 200kHz.
  • Display component values, complex impedance, complex admittance, and magnitude/phase.
  • Please avoid charge/voltage on the probes.

  • LCR45 Passive Component Impedance Meter.
  • 2mm plugs and sockets and removable hook probes.
  • Comprehensive illustrated user guide.
  • 2 Batteries, one installed and one spare. GP23 Alkaline battery. (12V class="MsoNormal" align="center" style="box-sizing: border-box; text-align: start;">Resistance:0.0 Ohm to 2 MegOhms, resolution typically 0.2 Ohms,accuracy typically ±1.0% ±0.6 Ohms
    Inductance:0.0uH to 2H, resolution typically 0.2uH, accuracytypically ±1.5% ±0.6uH
    Capacitance:0.0pF to 10000uF, resolution typically 0.2pF, accuracytypically ±1.5% ±0.6pF
    Impedance:Typically ±1.5% ±10LSD
    Magnitude:Typically ±1.5% ±10LSD
    Phase:Typically ±5°
    Sample rate:1.5Hz ±0.5Hz.
    Open circuit test voltage:±1.05V
    Short circuit test current:±3.25mA
    Test frequencies:DC, 1kHz, 14.925kHz and 200kHz, ±0.5%
    Sine purity:-60dB 3rd harmonic typical
    Operating temperature range:15°C to 35°C (60°F to 95°F)
    Battery type:GP23A / V23A / L1028 / MN21 (12V 55mAH type)
    Battery life:Typically ~700 operations at <1 minute per operation
    Display type:Alphanumeric LCD (not backlit)

    Accuracies shown for 100uH-100mH, 200pF-500nF, and 10 Ohms to1MOhms.

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