[2 pc] IGBT HGTP5N120 1200V 21A Fast 130ns Tfall, N-CH HGTP5N120BND For Sale

[2 pc] IGBT HGTP5N120 1200V 21A Fast 130ns Tfall, N-CH HGTP5N120BND

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[2 pc] IGBT HGTP5N120 1200V 21A Fast 130ns Tfall, N-CH HGTP5N120BND:

Beware of Chinese sellers, especially those who claim "USA Seller" or "Ships from USA". They send Chinese garbage to agents in USA for re-shipment to you. Check seller country by clicking on the response number and checking the line "Member since..."

Original Electronic Components


Lot size: 2

Case: TO220

IGBT 1200V 21A Fast 130ns Tfall, 53nC gate charge

Genuine components from USA; No China parts!

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N-Channel IGBT
1200V 21A

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RETURNS can only be made with parts that have not been soldered. Before using, buyer must test one part as per the test information in the manufacturer's data sheet. This test is easy for any engineer or technician.This product is aimed at the industrial market. It is not a consumer product.

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